Our Coach Mentorship + Player Skill Development Packages are the newest installment into our unique products offered by Shoot to Score.

We recognize the best way to effectively and consistently develop elite players over time is to train and monitor their in-season coaching. Most coaches in our minor hockey system are volunteers and we absolutely appreciate their time and efforts put into our hockey players.

We are here to offer support and training for not only the players become the best they can be, but the coaches that are ultimately in charge of the bulk of your player’s skill development ice time as well.

These programs are customized to the specific team and associations needs.

Below are the specifics of this package.

  • Player skill development sessions – As mentioned, player skill development sessions are always included in the coach mentorship package. We want to ensure our way to teaching is implemented on a regular basis to continue the progression of each player’s unique skillset.
  • On-ice support for each and every coach – Building practice plans isn’t enough to control your player’s progression. We will also go on the ice with your coaching staff on a consisitent basis and guide them on how to teach our skill base to your developing players.
  • Coach observation and review visits – We are here to always give guidance and our professional opinion to all coaches, while still allowing them to do what they came to do, coach. Review visits ensure the plan development is being implemented in a consistent and effective manner.
  • Custom STS practice plans with tailored drills and points of focus – We provide the resources needed by your coaches to feel confident that all critical areas of development are being looked after and nothing and no one are being overlooked.
  • Constant feedback and support – Our staff is always available for an email, phone call or video chat with your coaches to answer all questions they may have regarding many questions and concerns that come up during a hockey season.
  • Goalie training – We also look after the netminders on your team as their development is just as crucial.
  • STS branded coaching supplies (optional) – having the right gear can often be just as important to relay your message to your team. Available in all coach mentorship programs is our STS coach starter pack, which includes a Shoot to Score branded coach bag, a Shoot to Score coaches board as well as notebook, a custom drill binder with premium dry erase markers and some STS pens!
  • Team practice jerseys (optional) – We offer a full line of high-quality jerseys to keep practice as professional as possible.