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Here at Shoot to Score Hockey, we are always doing what we can to stay one step ahead when it comes to quality, first-class hockey coaching.

Fundamental skill development will always be a top priority in our instruction, but the game evolves rapidly, and so should your player’s coaching.

Our BRAND NEW “Heads-Up Hockey Camp – Separate Yourself” will take the on-ice product to the next level with a focus on these tools for a more advanced skill-set for your player:

Hockey IQ – Physical skill development is always incredibly important – but more and more you are seeing the effective players on the ice are able to THINK the game as quickly as they can PLAY the game. Making smart decisions with and without the puck allow these players to increase point production, find themselves in critical areas more often, and make the game around them easier for their teammates!

Compete Level – “Hard work beats talent when talents fails to work hard enough.” Hockey is most fun when you are giving it 100% of your attention and ability. This is why we have added multiple drills to our camp that really engage the player, while still developing their game! More small-area drills, more time spent working hard for possession of the puck, more drills with pressure on the player to make quicker and smarter decisions. All of this is in a high-tempo on-ice session with little down-time to maximize development!

Anticipate, Focus, and Engage! – Teaching a player to read-and-react to different situations that arise throughout a hockey game is a skill we need to focus on more. Let us introduce your player to these concepts and get them going on the right path to becoming the most effective hockey player they can be!

“Keep your head up and separate yourself!”