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Question: Does the participant need to provide his/her own gear to attend a camp?

Answer: Yes, before registering for a Shoot to Score Hockey camp, please ensure your participant is fitted with all essential pieces of equipment need to play their position in a safe manner. Please use CSA Approved equipment and follow the local association guidelines. ie. mouthguards, neck guards, etc.

Question: What is Shoot to Score's student to consultant ratio on the ice?

Answer:We pride ourselves on having the ideal ratio of no more than 6 students to 1 instructor but it usually is 5:1.

Question: Who runs the classroom knowledge sessions?

Answer: The classroom knowledge sessions are performed by local health authorities who keep the participants engaged with video training, discussions sessions, group projects as well as work books. Our main goal with these sessions are to develop a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle!

Question: How do I go about paying for a camp?

Answer:  Clicking on the “Register” button will allow you to register and pay for our programs through the user friendly Active System.

There are three different payment options:

1) Credit Card

2) Cheque

3) E-mail Interac Transfer. Most banks offer this option with no fees

*most programs offer a Non-Credit Card payment discount.

Question: How do I register for a camp?

Answer: Clicking on the “Register” button will allow you to register and pay for our programs through the user friendly Active System.

*Be sure to check back to Shoot to Score and take advantage of all of our great promotions on our camps.

Question: Do you expect females to attend the camps?

Answer: Yes! We encourage and hope to have females at all of our camp locations. Shoot to Score Hockey is planning on opening a female-exclusive camp available at many of our locations!

Question: Can camp fees be considered Daycare for deducting purposes?

Answer: Provided the camp runs during the week and allows a parent to attend a work or training during the hours the camp is running, the camp fees may qualify as a child tax credit/deduction for child care expenses. We recommend checking if this deduction can apply to you with a qualified accountant.

Question: If a participant is injured during the camp, can they receive a refund for the remainder of the camp?

Answer: In the event of an injury during the camp, the appropriate portion of the fee will be refunded if the request is accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.

Question: Does the participant require a parent/guardian to be present at all times during the camp?

Answer: For our 5-Day Professional Skill Development Camps the parents aren’t required to be present. Each group is assigned a group leader who is responsible for making sure players get to their next activity. We do ask that the parents get their players ready for their first ice session. For our other programs please contact Shoot to Score Hockey.

Question: Do students provide their own meals and lodging?

Answer:  Students are required to provide their own lodging and meals. For our 5-Day Camps we offer a lunch program available to all students. (please check this option when registering online for the camp)

Question: What is Shoot to Score's cancellation policy?


A refund less a $50 administration fee will be issued for any cancellation 30 days or greater to start date of selected camp. If cancellation is made less than 30 days to start date of selected camp a credit will be issued to be used within a year for future Shoot to Score programs. In the event of an injury during the camp, the appropriate portion of the fee will be credited with a doctor’s certificate. No refund/credit will be given if a player leaves by his/her own accord or is expelled by the camp.

Please inquire to  if you wish to dicuss transferring registrations, which is only available if agreed upon by Shoot to Score.

Question: What is the daily camp schedule?

Answer: We cannot guarantee each camp will have the identical format, but we do try and keep consistency from camp to camp when it comes to scheduling. The general outline is early morning to late afternoon on all 5-Day Camps. Our 3-Day Camps generally follow the same format usually with one evening session (unless otherwise noted).

Detailed camp schedules will be displayed online with camp details when clicked on with our Map view event registration system available on the main page of the website.